About ATRA

ATRA’s member tracks are working together to develop a base from which to build a strong track racing community in North America. ATRA will also provide information, economical insurance rates, public realtions and marketing services to member tracks. The American Track Racing Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation.

Mission Statement

The American Track Racing Association (ATRA) is formed by United States velodromes to advance the sport of track cycling, the capital improvements of our facilities and for the promotion of track riding and racing.

Board of Directors


Pete Antonvich
Dick Lane Velodrome
East Point Velodrome Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 90845
East Point, Ga. 30364-0845


Valerie Brostrom
Ed Rudolph Velodrome
PO Box 2306
Northbrook, IL 60065


Mattamy National Cycling Centre
2015 Pan Am Blvd.
Milton, ON L9E 0K7


Jen Featheringill
Alpenrose Velodrome
4318 SE 8th Ct.
Gresham, OR 97080-1862

ATRA Membership

Full ATRA membership is restricted to current operating velodromes within the United States. If you are a current operating velodrome in the United States, are not currently a member of ATRA and would like to enquire about joining ATRA, please contact ATRA President, Pete Antonvich, info@dicklanevelodrome.com.

Current ATRA Projects


ATRA provides access to economical insurance rates for it’s member velodrome to allow them to focus on programming and ridership for their track. There are lots of benefits to running races under ATRA insurance and this is one of ATRA’s main goals in providing services to it’s member velodromes.

Website and Social Media

ATRA’s web and social media(facebook and twitter) presence helps connect all of the velodromes across the country that are members of ATRA. This connection allows member velodromes to have a broader reach with their marketing efforts, and provides one place for riders to get more information about other velodromes and races going on across the country.